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sin, shame, and the sadomasoc realpolitik

‎”Women flagellate themselves, starve themselves, lacerate themselves, kiss lepers’ sores, deform their faces with glass, with acid, with their own fingers. ‎They bind their limbs, carve up their bodies, pierce, bruise, cut, torture themselves. They even speak of their sacred marriage with the divine as Christ’s rape of them. And almost uniformly they say what … Continue reading

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the purpose of progressive policy analyst is the collection and development of iconoclastic approaches to the intractable problems of the times.

rejecting the notion that any single approach or core philosophy could function polylaterally, or that individual rational thinking could possibly address the diversity of human need, the bias here seeks to draw on a multitude of sources in order to integrate the spiritual, naturalistic, cosmic, and mundane as these relate to personal and political behaviour, internecine violence, patterns of economic activity, fetishistic and neurotic attitudes toward commodities, and trends in preclusive scientific dogma.

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